Strategic SEO services

Have you ever dreamed about flying to space? Have you ever secretly wondered about the possibility to observe the Earth and its residents from above and be able to admire all of the beautiful views of our Planet? SEO Helis offers you a unique opportunity to fly high – rise in Google’s search engine and become more visible than ever before.

SEO services are professional website optimization processes and the long-term flight to your dreams. By choosing these services you are ensuring your website to have high positions in search engine’s results. Why should you go on this trip? We welcome you to get to know SEO services from up close!

Why should you choose SEO services?


What SEO services are?

SEO is divided to inner and outer processes but the algorithm that Google uses has much more than that. We believe that Google is more like an organism, which changes, grows and improves constantly. SEO goes hand in hand with the company as it involves the brand and stimulates its growth.

The maintenance of results and their long lasting effect

SEO is based on long-lasting strategies. If the strategy was conducted unprofessionally, the optimized page will reach its limit very soon: at first glance, the positions can be reached quickly, but moving forward soon stops. This happens because of ill chosen inner SEO architecture – it migh have been chosen not according to the market size or the outer actions were rushed. It is really important to make sure that the first SEO audit has been done already. This kind of audit will help you to track your competitors and understand current market situation and see your business potential. This method allows us to create a personalized strategy. That is because strategies that fit everyone, do not fit anyone.have.

Content creation

One of the most important things in Brand evaluation is a well made and qualitative content. That is why it is important to always conduct the prepared strategy that includes published press releases, audiovisual information, unique infographics, comments, communicating in social media and various forums. .

Tracking your competitors

It‘s important to track your competitors not only during the initial SEO audit. It‘s a constant process, which provides a great opportunity to reveal some important aspects, such as:

Rising competitors' positions in search engine results

Lower positions of your competitors after Google algorithm updates.

The strategies that competitors have chosen, their mistakes and proven methods.

SEO is based on one basic rule – do everything like your competitors but make sure that you’re doing it even better. To cut long story short, it is important to track your competitors’ actions.

Google penalty and its elimination

Every time when Google releases their new algorithm update – our team has a lot of things to do! In the mean time, Panda’s and Penguin’s algorithms are the most important updates that have been released that either punish or reward the websites. As you have probably understod, the rewarded websites do not contact us. Algorithm’s penalties elimination is a specialized process which won’t guarantee 100 % possibility of success. The hardest part of this process is waiting. Algorithm’s penalties can be eliminated only after the same types of algorithm’s updates are released and after that you might have to wait up to a year. That’s why it is important to constantly communicate with clients and prepare coynter strategies. We had been eliminating this kind of Google penalties many times before.

We are focused on the biggest return on investment, that’s why we recommend stop using the penalized page, as it is better to create a new page and start using SEO services on the fresh webpage.

Elimination of black-hat actions

SEO services can be classified in three main categories: white-hat SEO, grey-hat SEO and black-hat SEO. White hats tend to produce positive results that last in long term perspective, the process of making it is legal and clear. Grey-hat SEO is a mix of white-hat and black-hat actions. Black-heat actions, such as duplicated content, spam back-links, content left in various forums and comments created by bots are illegal. This kind of actions create non-realistic view of website’s popularity on the internet, that’s why most of the times black-hat websites get Google penalties. A lot of times clients of SEO Helis asked to eliminate black-hat SEO actions. Illegal SEO services can be made only by unqualified SEO specialists, who wanted to make short-cut in order to reach positive results. Most of the time, clients do not understand that what was done was black-hat SEO until their positions drop extremely.

Bounce rate‘s optimization

Google continuously puts more weight on the website's bounce rate when regarding its position. Bounce rate is calculated by user’s search session, when a user leaves the page immediately, without browsing any further. Bounce rate is low when the user is pleased with the information he has found, the website’s design is convenient, easy to use and the data is helpful according to the used keywords. The lower your bounce rate is, the more user’s expectations are fulfilled. We are constantly tracking the bounce rate, so that our clients would get target traffic and that the visitors would be satisfied with the information or products they have found.

Back-linking and its mistakes optimization

Experience has shown that sometimes the project which is being optimized, has already done a lot, for example published articles or press releases, but it did not fully use its potential. Anchor text optimization and ability to cope with back-linking mistakes become an important part in SEO projects.

Social signals and their use

Social signals not only help to develop brand awareness and send messages through the selected channels. It is one of the metrics, which gives information about the popularity of your webpage to different kind of search engines. SEO Helis’ team actively takes part in helping your website to reach top positions in search engine results by making strategic steps on social media: Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Your brand name in keywords

From now on Google gives a lot of attention to your brand name in its search system. It is an important factor whether your brand name is used with other keywords, for example, „Helis SEO services“. This kind of search shows that your brand name stands out and has a lot of weight in specific market and search engines. It also means that different users are searching for your services or products and it means that your company and its website deserve higher positions in search results.

Corporate strategy and its creation

SEO services play an integral part in advertising. Often SEO services can be seen as the core of advertising with other communication tools at its sides as most potential clients use search engines in order to find some services or products that they need.

A unanimous corporate strategy ensures that advertising channels are strong and gives a boost to the advertising campaing's effectiveness.

Today there is nothing more important than creating a corporate strategy, its supervision and direct integration with SEO.

Why should you choose SEO Helis?

1. SEO Helis offers professional optimization services, which will be conducted with extreme precision. Time is a relative term that is why we prioriteze quality as it can ensure long-lasting results.

2. SEO Helis will adjust the price of services for you, depending on market's competetiveness and other factors. We can assure that we will offer prime services for an average price.

3. SEO Helis offers not only innovative digital marketing strategies but also a modern way to communicate with the clients. SEO Helis will present informative and systematic reports with accomplished assignments and future plans. These reports will help you to observe the process of online marketing.

4. SEO Helis suggests trying new strategies! SEO services are based on long-term and renewable processes and that is why we offer not only the most effective but also new-to-market solutions that you could be the first to try!

I can't make up my mind, can I get some numbers, please?

Only one of ten users goes further than the first page of Google’s search results.

70% of users choose organic search results, which can be influenced by SEO and only 30% of users choose paid adverts made with Google AdWords (advertising system).

There are over 131 billion searches on Google every month.

In Lithuania, the number of Google searches increases about 20% every year.

You will get 6 Euros return on investment with every 1 Euro you’ve spent on SEO services.

The optimization of the website will guarantee high positions in search engine’s results; it means that SEO services are really useful for those who not only like to think about their business future, but also have important plans for expanding their business.

SEO optimization is a long lasting and breathtaking flight up, which will never end- these are your dreams that come true starting from today.

If you have any questions about your website’s optimization – we are here to help. We will give you informative reports not only about the market you are in but also about the biggest return on investment you and your business can reach.