Trying to reach your target audience and make them use your website or e-shop can cost a lot of investments and time. Moreover, statistics show that a big part of the traffic does not come back after the first visit only 10 to 20 percent of website’s visitors come back to the website again. Remarketing is a unique opportunity to reach the clients who might seem “lost” at first glance.

Why remarketing?


What is remarketing?

More and more companies are encountering “lost clients”. “Lost clients” are the ones, who spend a lot of time in your website or e-shop, seem interested, view a lot of pages or even put some items in the shopping cart, enter “contacts” menu but leave the page without purchasing anything. Why did the user leave your website and is there a possibility to make him come back? SEO Helis offers you Remarketing services, which help to make “lost clients” come back.


When exiting your website users leave traces - “cookies”. Using them in a clever way, you can reach them during any time of day, in any other website. How? Consumers are shown banners which allow you to remind them about your services or products that they didn’t purchase. This strategy not only makes the user come back to your website but also raises a possibility that this time the user will purchase some of the products or services on your website.

Reach your "lost" clients

Remarketing gives you an opportunity not only to reach “lost” potential clients but also to analyze statistics, which will help you to understand audience’s behavior and needs. By using remarketing you can be ensured that banners will reach your target audience, because they will be only visible for those users, who entered your website or e-shop earlier.

Why does the potential client, who entered your website, leave and never come back?

1. Weak brand. Maybe you’re the new company in the market and potential customers still don’t trust you? Not a problem – remarketing will remind about you and you will not be forgotten.

2. The consumer needs your products and services, but not today. Maybe the assortment you supply on your website is seasonal? With the help of remarketing you can direct potential clients to your website depending on the season or other special occasions.

3. Maybe a potential client visited your website but decided to do a purchase tomorrow and then forgot about this decision?

4. The consumer chooses the competition. Don't worry – by using remarketing services you will be able to put your banners on your opponent’s website, so the consumer would have to consider which company can offer the best option for them.

5. The consumer does not like your suggested price. Remarketing is great during various sales – it is an opportunity to get the consumer who is waiting for special offers back.

Why SEO Helis?

SEO Helis offers professional remarketing services. We will make sure that you will get informative statistics of your users’ behavior. With these statistics you will be able to improve your website or evenyour business sphere. Remarketing services will help you to filter potential clients. There is a possible way to find out user’s gender and age, when the user is using one or another Google’s products. This factor will help your remarketing campaign to be as effective and useful while striving for maximum benefits.

SEO Helis not only does the technical job but also creates various types of banners. A banner can be a really annoying advertising type for your clients, that‘s why we offer original and non-traditional banners, which will help to make your potential client come back to your website or e-shop.

By reminding about yourself, you will show that every client is important for you and you can propose them better offers that are customized. This is a winning strategy that does not require a lot of investments, but has a return on investment that is pleasantly surprising.

Remarketing is a great option of advertising for various types of companies and online projects, which would like to reach constant number of user traffic and boost their sales or grow their brand. It will be perfect timing to make your “lost” clients return to your side as you make an offer they can’t refuse!

SEO Helis will offer you individual and original remarketing decisions, which will help to reach your “lost” clients starting today!